Chester County Women's Commission

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To volunteer for the commission or to nominate an individual please use the forms below.


Membership Application (click here)

Women who live or work in Chester County are eligible to serve on the Chester County Women's Commission. Interested women should complete the online application (by clicking on the bold heading "Membership Application" link above).  Completed forms should be sent to Your information will be forwarded to the CCWC Nominating Committee for consideration when openings become available. Please contact us if you have any questions about the application process.


Empowerment Awards Nomination packet (click here)

Use the forms in this packet to nominate and recommend candidates for the following awards, which have been established by the Commission. For more information about the requirements for each award, click the Award name below.


Empowered Young Woman (click here)

Recognizes young women (ages 16 to 21) who are inspirational role models for girls in Chester County.


Empowered Woman Award (click here)

Recognizes individuals who have overcome major obstacles in their lives and have become inspirational role models for women in Chester County.


Distinguished Service Award (click here)

Recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the advancement of women and CCWC’s mission. This award will honor an individual for her contributions as a professional, volunteer, or agent of change.

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